Day: April 19, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

This morning when Antionette asked if the chickens had been born, we told her no, they would not be born until Cinco de Mayo.  She promptly asked, “what is Cinco de Thymo?”  So, I thought I did a fairly good job explaining this holiday as a day when people in parts of Mexico celebrate a war victory from a long time ago with parties and celebrations and that we would be celebrating the birth of our chickens.  Later, when Bailey came into the classroom, Antionette said; “guess what… our chicks are going to be born on Cinco de Mayo!  Do you know what that is… Cinco de Mayo?”  When Bailey said, “no,”  Antionette told her ‘Cinco de Mayo is a holiday where Mexicans hang chickens.’  How she got that out of our conversation… I will never know 🙂