I wanna do it!

100 days of eating right

If you click on the link above, you will find an article I stumbled across this evening detailing one family’s quest to make it 100 days eating only whole unprocessed foods with absolutely no exceptions.  This means that their children cannot have a twizzler or a tootsie pop, they cannot have birthday cake and ice cream at parties, there is no fast food, pop tarts, or sugary cereals.  They do not eat anything with processed white flour, which would be my biggest challenge, and they only eat meats and dairy without hormones and fruit and vegetables that are organically grown and harvested.  Lisa Leake had to re-learn how to shop and cook [and get her family on board] and she blogs about this at:

100 days of read food or 100daysofreadfood.com

I am so interested in this, I don’t think I can even finish writing my blog because I want to go finish reading her blog.  She and her family were on day 61 I think at the time the article was written, so they are still at it, but Lisa and family insist that if they can do this for 100 days, any of us junk food junkies can do it for 10 days.  I am seriously considering taking them up on this challenge.

So far they are:

  • spending more money, but feeling better
  • needing less sleep
  • craving less junk
  • losing inches and weight

I have so many reasons I want to do this, including but not limited to feeling better, losing inches and weight, aging more gracefully, and because I have thyroid and could be pre-diabetic.  So, all I have to do now is get ready and plan a start date.  Can I do this?  Could I even begin to bring my junk food loving teenaged son along?  Stay tuned.

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