I am tired tonight, so listing things that I found joy in today will be a challenge.  However, that is the challenge I set up for the week, so…

On this second Monday in March I am grateful for:

  • a warm sunny day and the promise of spring
  • watching a film of the CSI ‘bunny murder’ case featuring my funniest student
  • my students, as always, making me laugh and love what I do
  • Panera Bread french onion soup & chicken salad on semolina
  • the piano and sax jazz playing in Panera while I ate my dinner
  • books:  I am still reading and loving– A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson and two new ones:  one memoir and one on relationships [since I am perpetually confounded]
  • the smell of books and coffee in Barnes & Noble
  • a clean house
  • a cooperative child [for one day;)]

..and I am off to bed to read.

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