Tuesday [it’s only Tuesday?]

Joys of the day so far:

♣.  I slept well last night [but I did not want to get out of the bed this morning or leave my dream].

☀ A cinnamon crunch bagel this morning for breakfast.  I brought 2 of them to school and put them in the oven on broil, one for me and one for Sophie.  Then, I got sidetracked removing that awful nearly black fingernail polish until I saw smoke coming from the back right burner 😦  Anyhow, I ran home quickly and got two more bagels since I had purchased 6 last night at Panera, went back to school, and tried again.  I did not burn them the second time 🙂

❋ Funny, funny children… I love them.  At one point this morning I stopped teaching and told my students that I was not going to teach while I had students milling around the classroom like they were at a cocktail party [Coe, Melinda, and Tiger had been walking about while I was talking about the USDA Food Pyramid].

Later on this morning [a conversation between me and our resident redhead who is funnier than Lucy]:

Melinda:  Look at this, Mrs. Whitman, look at this, look at this [as she shoved her version of the USDA food pyramid into my face].

Me:  Why do you have to say everything three times, Melinda?

Melinda:  Because I’m at a cocktail party.

Gotta love her 🙂

♡ Thinking of Bean and sending him a text and getting one back that said he needed that… well, I guess that’s why he had been on my mind 😉

♤ I made it through kettebell class with energy to spare.  I did not have any moments of feeling like I might lose consciousness, my push ups were harder but I did them anyhow, and the routine as a whole was easier.

♡ Two more texts from Bean… he sent me hearts.  I needed them, and they made my day.

And now, I am about to go and meet Cam and Jason for supper.

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