late night chicken update

This just in:  2 chicks born before midnight on May 3rd…

I am just getting home from school for the umpteenth time today and it is 2 minutes until midnight.  When I arrived at school this morning, I had every intention of removing the turning mechanism and putting in some wet paper towels to get ready for the hatching which was due on Wednesday!!  However, when I looked into the incubator I was surprised to find the chicks were already pipping.  I think that is correct phrasing… the chicks pip not the eggs.  I believe the chicks pip the eggs.  Anyhow, there were 8 or 9 eggs with pipped holes in them and I could hear peeping and chirping.  Well, I immediately sprang to life and action getting the warm water and paper towels and rallying the children like we were going to actually birth some babies.  All this excitement gradually gave way to anxious waiting as the day went on.  I was busy googling whenever I could trying to make sure our chicks had not pipped and died. I discovered that after pipping, they typically rest for 3 to 8 hours since the actual breaking of the initial hole in the egg is so incredibly exhausting.  So, I guess during the school day, we were observing the rest phase.  Sophia did not want to get on her bus and I did not want to leave after school.  The peeping was getting louder and some of the eggs were beginning to move, so I just stayed at school until 7:30 or so.  About 7 pm I was able to film the first chick hatching, which was absolutely awe-inspiring.  I was mesmerized and delighted.  I came back to school at 8:30 and then again at 11 and then again at 11:30 and when I came back at 11 another chick was born.  I have been trying to upload a video to this page for the last 15 minutes and no luck.  I will try tomorrow since I am too tired to reason.

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