Here’s to 2014

Resolutions.  I had not planned to make one or any this year, but people kept asking and that got me to thinking.  I really don’t like making them because I don’t like failing, it’s the perfectionist in me.  Last year I planned to read the bible through the One Year Bible, and Lord that didn’t last long at all.  Turns out the bible is really tedious even in chronological order, although I did have some epiphanies in Job.  Last year was really a fabulous year in so many ways.  I would love this year to be as good or better, so I thought maybe I might look at any regrets I have from the past year.  Here is what I came up with in no particular order.

  • I regret the time I wasted on Facebook and playing Candy Crush [even though I have only been playing this frustrating and inane game for a few weeks now].
  • I regret not writing that book or even starting that book.
  • I regret not creating more- art, writing, possibilities, connections, etc….  I highly regret doing more consuming than creating.  I try very hard not to acquire more things, but someone I continue to acquire them.  I want to let things go, not collect them.  I want to create art and collect memories of experiences.  
  • I regret wasting time feeling angry at people- two major figures come to mind here.  One of the objects of my anger is a woman I barely know who continues to vex and hurt someone I deeply love and the other is a man who I should know very well, but he did such a poor job at one of the most important jobs ever given to him, that I do not.  
  • I regret any times I became short tempered with the people who I love or serve.

So, those are the big ones and I will shape my resolutions around them– to be kind to others even when I don’t feel my best, to create more and consume less, to funnel my anger into art instead of the atmosphere or my mouth through poor food choices, to move more and sit less, to find joy in experiences and connections.  If I can do these things, I know 2014 will exceed 2013.  Happy New Year.

One thought on “Here’s to 2014

  1. Beautiful! I am sure you can achieve your aspirations for the coming year. I, too need to accomplish some of your hopes for the coming year. As always, I enjoy reading your blog.

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