Extension Denied

It’s April 19th, my taxes are not done, and I cannot find my W2s from PCS.  *&^%!!!  I know, you would think I would have figured this out prior to April 15th, but I didn’t.  The week before I was on spring break and I was not going to touch them that week.  Come on, I was at the beach.  I figured, I’ll have three days after we go back to school, but that week turned out to be the perfect shit storm of IEP meetings, ESY meetings, ESY packets being due, progress reports being due, and a veritable laundry list of obligations that gave me every reason to file for an extension.  Only April 15th came and went in a haze and, while, I had a vague sense of there being something else I needed to be doing, I only remembered what that something was the next morning.  When I went quickly to file the extension, I was informed by TurboTax that extensions can only be filed prior to midnight on April 15th- Holy Cannoli.  I was not in a panic, as what’s the worst that can happen?  They can’t eat me.  For goodness sake, I am a public servant, a single teacher who spends all her money buying stuff for her kids and classroom.  There’s not a lot to be had here, Uncle Sam.

So, this weekend I have been like a dog chasing her tail… looking everywhere that a misplaced W2 might happen to hide- to no avail.  So, I gave up, and ate the tail end of a chocolate bunny.

That is the story of my weekend.  Giant. Chocolate. Fail.

3 thoughts on “Extension Denied

  1. It’s obvious you weren’t trying to commit fraud, so you don’t have to worry about going to “the big house”. At best, I’m guessing, you might have to pay a small fine for filing late. No biggie.

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